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l'Actu de vos RDV loisirs février, mars et avril est là ! 

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148 place de l’hôtel de Ville
74130 Bonneville

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Hôtel de Ville - @Faucigny Glières Tourisme
Built out of ashlar stone, the building was finished in 1853 and is an important example of this period which can also be seen in other neighbouring town halls.
Château Sires du Faucigny - @Faucigny Glières Tourisme
Built by Pierre II de Savoie and his daughter Béatrice de Faucigny in 1260, the château stands on a rocky outcrop at the foot of the Môle. It is the only remaining example of Savoyard military architecture from the Middle Ages in Pays de Savoie.
Château de Villy - Château de Villy - @OTFG74130
The tower was built in 1084 and has been added to over the centuries. In 1896, the whole site was restored by Emile Perillat, who added a caretaker's lodge and farm.
Chapelle - @Faucigny Glières Tourisme
Le Petit-Bornand-les-Glières
Little chapel located at Le Petit-Bornand, in the hamlet called La Ville.
Maintained by the association Comité Entretien du Patrimoine de la Ville.
chapelle de Vougy - Photo - @OTFG
Small chapel built in 1642. Made bigger in 1890 by the village, to create more space for an altar. Subsequently maintained and restored, it is now dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity.